About Us

Masafa Quench combines UV (Ultra Violet) light and RO (Reverse Osmosis) technology to create fresh, crisp and premium tasting water.

Our strict adherence to international quality standards has been approved by the Kenya Bureau of Standards and issued with the Standardization mark. We also subject our water regularly to and Independent laboratory for chemical and bacteriological analysis.

Our Mission

Masafa Quench’s mission is to be the leading Purified drinking water company in the country at affordable costs to the customer.

Our Vision

Masafa Quench’s vision is to ensure that every homestead and office in the country is supplied consistently with high quality, safe drinking water.

Our People

Masafa Quench is run by a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals with a vast wealth of experience in manufacturing and management consultancy, in an environment that encourages career growth, information and knowledge sharing and mutual support.

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Quality Water Standard